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Top Tips For Choosing A Stairlift


Choosing a stairlift may be a bit daunting, after all, it’s unlikely you’ve bought one before. That’s why Swindon Stairlifts has trained advisors to guide you through the process. Based upon their experience, these are the top tips to consider when choosing a stairlift.


Top tips for choosing a stairlift:


  • Consider the shape of your staircase –
    • Would you need a straight stairlift, curved stairlift or a stairlift for narrow staircases?
  • Consider your mobility.
    • Are you able to sit easily or would you prefer to perch on your stairlift?
  • Think about what will happen when the stairlift is no longer needed.
    • How will the stairlift be removed and by whom? What will happen to your stairlift?
  • Would the stairlift potentially be an obstacle at the bottom of the stairs?
  • Ensure the stairlift has a soft start and soft stop.
  • Make sure the stairlift can be operated remotely.
  • Consider operating the stairlift and which hand you wish to use.
    • Would the stairlift be adaptable?
  • Consider maintenance and support for your stairlift.

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